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How To Blender

Are You Stuck Understanding Blender 3D?

How often have you searched Google for: How to Blender? is packed with simple explanations for Blender 3D modelling concepts

How do I do this in Blender?

I don’t understand this 3D jargon, and I don’t seem to be able to ask the right questions.

I’m just spinning wheels and getting nowhere fast.

Sound familiar?

This site is an answer to that worn-out search “How to do something in Blender”. I hope.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of How to tutorials about Blender modelling and Substance Painter texturing on YouTube – some old and out of date, some brand new. Some are of excellent quality, and others suggest some horrible methods. Once you find a promising video, then it takes time (sometimes a long time!) to view it to find out whether the video actually answers your problem.

How long did that take you?

Here at ScruffyFluffy3D, we want to help. We don’t make videos; we make articles about Blender methods and Substance Painter techniques that you can quickly look through and see if it seems like it might address your problem. When you find something that looks promising, it’s easy to read it and scroll back and forth carefully. We are constantly writing new stuff, and sooner or later, ScruffyFluffy3D will become a significant knowledge repository of 3D Blender information.

How do you use this site? Browse ScruffyFluffy 3D via menus at the top of the page or search for a word or a phrase in the search box (it’s surprisingly powerful) and see what comes up. Before you resort to “How To Blender” in a search engine, give our search box a try! You might want to start here at our FAQ section

Here’s our version of “How To Blender”. Try something like “Rotate Reference”:

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