Speed Wobble

Baby Fred hits a Blender speed wobble

Baby Fred finds herself in a bit of a slumber. That feeling you get when you feel like you have an information overload, and you need to hide from the world through some sleep. Your head spins, and you cannot get past a certain point? Yes! That feeling. “The information overload seems to have caused the lights at the end of the tunnel to go out,” she thinks and decides to crawl under the covers and rest her busy brain. Bevelling is taking its toll on her. However, Baby Fred is not easily held down and not for long either.

Sleeping next to Blender Manual

Is there any hope for her? Can she really do this? She has realized that she is beginning to doubt her ability to grasp quickly enough.

Baby Fred is still trying to hide under the covers, wallowing in self-pity, when she hears the voice of her mentor guru guy bellowing in her ears. “What is this nonsense? GET UP, Baby Fred. Get up and finish what you started. No student of mine gives up. Move it, Move it, Move it,” he speaks loudly.

Baby Fred crawls deeper under the covers and groans and moans as she listens to the stern but kind of caring voice of her “mentor guru guy.”

“Baby Fred, Are you giving up? Is this too difficult for you?” he asks softer, more concerningly.

This question startles Baby Fred, and she crawls out from the covers and sits on her bed. A terrified look on her face. “No, no, she says,” quivering lips and soother in hand. “I am not a quitter mentor guru guy. I don’t know if I can grasp 3d like everyone else. I am afraid of failing.”

Mentor guru guy lowers his voice and assures her. “If you were not capable, you would not have achieved so much in such a short time. Pull up your diaper and get moving. I want to see you back at Blender 3d in half an hour, and you will finish off your object. Are we clear? No more doubting, You are competent. Stop crying and do the work.”

Taking on this 3D journey, as with any journey, there will be speed wobbles. It is about the art of balance. Baby Fred is caught between wanting to be a “baby” and doing baby things like playing and having fun, and buckling down and spending all her time studying. For any Blender 3d beginner, this needs to be addressed from the start. Acceptance of the difficulties ahead is an integral part of developing and growing into a 3D artist or illustrator.

Wow!! Baby Fred had a slight speed wobble there, but she is inspired again. She knows she can, and she wants to do it. She will prove to her “mentor guru guy” that she is willing and able to go the whole 9 yards, even if it means crawling her way there.

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