the right tools in Blender

It’s all about using the right tools in Blender!

Now that I have decided to use the box modelling method, I am ready to get this done. According to my overactive brain, I am a professional now. I can do this. In typical baby language, “Leave me. I know how to do this,” fuelled by confidence.

So, I carefully take a long hard look at what the final object should look like, and I start from there.

How do I stretch parts of the cube to get the effect of a shape coming out of the side of the humble cube? Logic brain says, “You learned about extrusions in theory, so how about putting it into practice.”

Yes, that is it! I can use the extrude tool to drag out the sides. So, I go ahead. I go to edit mode and use the extrude tool to pull out one of the faces of the humble cube. This is getting ridiculous now, I think to myself. The whole face comes out. Well, at least I know how to use the extrude tool, but that is not enough. I need to pull only a section of the face out.

By now, I have spent more than a few hours on this one cube. I am getting quite frustrated with being a baby and not being heard. I scream and shout at this cube and at the man inside the screen who controls Blender, but they don’t listen to me. Babies must be heard, or they will throw their toys at you or, in this case, their building blocks. That could be a painful experience for anyone standing in the way, including my “mentor guru guy.”

Do I use the knife tool to cut out a new face on each of the sides? No! that will not work. “Use your head Baby Fred” that little voice tells me, but my head is so sore from all the knocks that I cannot think straight any longer.

I put my soother in my mouth, and I contemplate, staring at the cube. What can I use that would be like the knife tool but more accurate (I need to get the extruded sides the same size)? I need a tool that will cut through the cube and place the cuts in the exact positions where the extrusion must take place.

Yes, the soother is soothing, and the light bulb goes on. Loopcuts! I learned about loopcuts in theory class. Thank you to my “mentor, guru guy” for insisting I do the theory first.

Aaaah, it feels so good to finally feel like I am getting somewhere…………until the next complication.

Little achievements boost your confidence and prepare you for future difficult ones that lie ahead.

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