Loop Cuts

What is a Loop Cut in Blender for ?

A Loop Cut is defined as splitting a loop of adjacent faces down the middle. And if that doesn’t make sense, let me demonstrate with our trusty cube. I have selected a closed-loop of faces – the left, top, right and bottom faces. The face at the back and the one nearest us are not selected. The other four that are selected are adjacent (share an edge) to one another and form a loop.

Extrude Faces, Edges and Vertices

Extrude in Blender

The Extrude tool in Blender is a simple, often-used tool that extends the geometry length by adding extra geometry instead of changing the size. Extrude works in Edit mode with Faces, Edges and Vertices, but it works slightly differently for each.

Create Bolt Parametrically

Create a Bolt in Blender

A bolt including its thread is quite a complex modelling operation to do manually. However, since a machine easily manufactures it, you can create a bolt in Blender that can be easily generated parametrically.