Create Bolt Parametrically

Create a Bolt in Blender

A bolt including its thread is quite a complex modelling operation to do manually. However, since it’s easily manufactured by a machine, so likewise you can create a bolt in Blender that can be easily generated parametrically. We’ll use the Bolt Factory add-on supplied with Blender to make it:

Install Bolt Factory Addon
Install the Bolt Factory addon

Instructions to install an addon in Blender can be found in the FAQ here

To insert a bolt, use the standard Shift KeyA Key combination to add an object and click Mesh –> Bolt:

Add Bolt object
The addon provided a new option: Bolt
Bolt with Default Parameters
A hexagonal-headed bolt is generated with the default values shown

Once you have set your parameters, click in the viewport to complete the object.

Changing the parameters can have varied results:

Bolt Head and Thread Length
Changing the Head type and the Tread Length gives this Bolt

If we re-set the defaults and change other parameters we get:

Bolt Head Height and Shank Length
Doubling the Head Height and increasing the Shank Length has this effect
Bolt Major Dia Minor Dia and Pitch
Changing Major Dia, Minor Dia and Pitch generates this coarse fat bolt

To finish off the newly generated bolt, we would shade smooth:

Shade Smooth
Right-click the viewport and choose Shade Smooth
AutoSmooth Checkbox
And then check Autosmooth in the Object Data Properties tab

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