Setup in millimeters

How do I set up a drawing in Millimeters in Blender

By default, Blender works in Metres (US: Meters). However, technical draftsmen and illustrators often prefer to work in millimeters even if the objects they are creating are many meters in size. To change to working in millimetres in Blender, we need to change a few default values in different places. It’s very easy to forget one of the steps involved:

Step 1 – Units and their Scale

Click the Scene Properties Tab expand the drop-down arrow next to Units and change/confirm the default values as follows:

  • Unit System: Metric
  • Unit Scale: 0.001
  • Length: Millimeters
The Units section of the Scene Properties panel

Step 2 – Grid scale

Next, we will need to change the scale of the ground plane grid. Click the Overlays Drop-down button:

Overlays Drop-down Button

Change the Floor Scale value to 0.001

Viewport Overlays Panel

Step 3 – Adjust the Clipping Values

Next, we type N Key to bring up the menu tabs on the right hand side of the viewport. Blender people call this the “N” menu.

Click the View Tab:

Change the clipping values to

  • Clip Start: 1mm
  • Clip End: 100 000
View Menu Clipping Settings

Click here to read a simple clipping explanation

Step 4 – Startup file

It would be painful if you had to perform all these steps every time you started a new blender drawing. So don’t forget to make this file into your startup file or modify these settings in your startup file itself.

For more about the Startup file, click here.

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