Bentley Project Planning

The 1929 Bentley Blower 3D Project – Part 1

1st step – The Planning Stage

The first step in any major project is to get organised:

  • We need to define precisely what we want to achieve carefully. The discipline here is to stick to this mantra: ” It’s good enough for our (or the client’s) purpose” and not get lured by the siren call of “Let’s get it perfect”.
  • Once the objective is defined, we need to look at how much time is available to produce this and then our mini-time targets need to be calculated.
  • I have written a more in-depth article about time and detail-creep. Please have a look here.
  • The next step is to get organised – you will need reference images. Lots of them. You can never get enough. If you can photograph the subject, take as many photos as possible, particularly orthogonal views with a long focal-length lens. If the subject doesn’t exist or is unavailable, Google is your friend. Go on the hunt. Part 2 of this series of posts deals with Reference images in much more detail.

This Bentley project is not a commercial project but a labour of love. However, the above points still need to be carefully considered for it to get finished. So what is our objective? Well, in this case, that’s actually very easy. I came across an old illustration which showed exactly what I wanted. The only difference is that our 2022 version will be properly textured and rendered from many angles, so much more internal detail will be required. Here is that old cutaway picture.

A beautiful Cutaway drawing by an artist signing himself Cresswell

Let’s see how close we can get to improving on this magnificent image with modern 3D illustration tools

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