Set Vertex size in Blender

How do I make Vertices look larger in Blender?

If you use a 4K or HD display that is not physically very large (a small monitor or a laptop), it is often difficult to see the vertices in Edit Mode. This is easily fixed in the Blender Preferences pull-down but is quite hard to find:

Go to the Edit pull-down and select Preferences
Select Themes and then click User Interface
Scroll down until you come to 3D Viewport
Scroll all the way down past all the colour bars until you see Vertex Size.

Change this pixel value to a higher value (about double the pixel size of the default).

Click the Save and load button and press the [s] key to save your change permanently.

By the way…

I suggest you uncheck Auto-Save Preferences. The reason is that you don’t always want to save experimental changes. With Auto-Save Preferences unchecked, the bottom of the Blender Preferences window changes to a Save Preferences button which gains a warning asterisk if there are unsaved changes:

Now return to Blender, select an object and go into Edit Mode .

Switch to Vertex Select Mode by typing .

Check the size of your vertices and modify as necessary by repeating this procedure.

How do I change the colour of the Selected Vertices?

Go through the same procedure as above but instead of scrolling past all the colour bars, stop here to change the colour:

In the same way, the colour of any element can be changed.

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