Undo Steps in Blender

Why Can’t I Undo Very Far in Blender?

It happens all the time – you make a mistake while modelling an object, and you don’t notice that mistake. Eventually, after many actions, you discover the problem. Unfortunately, for some reason, you can’t fix it. The only course of action is to use the undo command.

An example of such a mistake is when you create a bevel with the destructive instruction, you make your bevel, and many steps later, you find that the bevel is too small or too large or doesn’t have enough facets on it. So you have to undo all your steps back to where you originally created the bevel. You start hitting a series of ‘s…


All of a sudden, Blender won’t go back any further. No matter how many times you press nothing further happens! You have reached the limit of Undo Steps that Blender has recorded. Now what? It’s time to cry and revert to your last saved iteration of the .blend file! The room is full of curses, but there is nothing further that can be done.

The Preventative Solution

There are two things that every blender modeller should do.

  • Save your blend file with an incremental file name as often as you are prepared to lose your work. See this article about Incremental saving.
  • Increase the number of steps that Blender records in its Undo buffer:

Go to the Edit –> Preferences Pull-down:

Click Preferences
Choose the maximum Undo Steps which is 256

Setting this at its maximum means that Blender will reserve some of the available RAM for the Undo Buffer, but it’s a small price to pay for extra steps. Every time you re-install a new version of Blender, make sure this is your first configuration act.

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