Drill a hole into a cylinder in Blender

How do I Drill a Round Hole into a Cylinder in Blender? PART 2

The Solidify Method

Create a cylinder with

The Add object creation menu
Use these parameters. Change Cap Fill Type to Nothing and the cylinder will be created without any caps:

Select the hollow cylinder.

Now go to the Modifier Properties tab and click Add Modifier

The Add Modifier tab

Choose the Solidify modifier and adjust the Thickness parameter:

The Solidify modifier control panel

Make sure the Offset value is -1 or else the outer cylinder size will change

The resulting cylinder with a hole through it.

Go back to the modifier control panel again and move the mouse into the thickness field, and a double-arrow will appear. Drag to change the size of the hole dynamically.


If you need a square-shaped hole, it is better to use the boolean method. See this post

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