Shape into a cylinder

How do I make a Hole in a Cylinder in Blender? PART 1

The Boolean Method

This could be a round hole, a square hole or any-shaped hole

Create a cylinder with

Create a blender primitive cylinder
Give it these parameters
It should look like this

Press to change to top ortho view.

Top view. The 3D cursor will be exactly in the middle of the cylinder.

Now, to make a hole through it, all we need to do is to make another cylinder, slightly longer than the depth – let’s say 3M in depth. That means it will stick out 0.5M above and below the first cylinder. Let’s make its radius 0.5M

Create the second cylinder with . It will be located with its origin precisely at the same position as the first cylinder’s origin because the cursor is there. This doesn’t have to be a cylinder; it could be a cube or another available shape.

The inner cylinder
The two cylinders.

Now we want to select the cylinder that we want a hole drilled through.

The outer cylinder is now selected.

Next we add a boolean modifier to it by selecting the modifier properties tab in the properties editor:

Click Add Modifier and choose Boolean
The Boolean modifier is added
Click the eyedropper tool and click the inner cylinder to show Blender what it must subtract

The name of the second cylinder (the object you clicked) appears in the Object field, but nothing appears to happen.

Select the outer cylinder and click the drop-down arrow in the boolean modifier panel:

Click Apply and the modifier pane disappears

But there is still no change to the cylinders????? Not true. You just can’t see the change:

Move the inner cylinder away and you will see a nice clean hole through the first cylinder.
Now just delete the longer cylinder.


  • Enable the addon Add Mesh: Extra Objects in File–> Preferences to access more shapes when using Add Mesh command
  • If you want to drill a perfectly round hole through your cylinder, there’s a quicker way. Click here to read Part 2

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